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About Z6

Z6Mag is the world, Electronic. We’ve gathered writers who are interested in topics without boundaries. Rather than appealing to an age group or demographic, we appeal to you, the reader, regardless of age, sex, creed or color. Z6Mag aims to provide content that everyone can enjoy and that will enliven all who read it.

The idea began when the founder, Allan Soldner, realized that the potential that could come by migrating from traditional print forms of media to an all digital publication.  By far, the site is no innovation in terms of technology or the capabilities of a website, but rather it’s a project that strives to make the world more accessible and to bring the two elements of information and electronic communication together in a more seamless way.

We hope to bring both a sense of personality and style to our writing, as well as present it to our readers in a way that appeals to their particular tastes.  We hope you enjoy the publication, if you have any questions or comments for us, please feel free to contact any of the staff, by clicking on their names below, or by using the contact form on our Contact Us page.


Executive Editor: Joel Mackey
Co-Executive Editor: Carisa Mackey
Associate Editor: Allan Soldner


Darren Halas
Ashlee Gensler
Christian Kirven
Javier Strauser
Loraine Stiverson
Neva Happel
Julio Rotella
Erik Seawright
Jeremy Thomas
Seth Horowitz
Clifford Blodgett – Sports